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Chapter 29: Page 37

May 18th, 2017, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I don't really /want/ to point out the significance of this page, but for the record, not drawing a character smiling (except in flashbacks) for like 800 pages is harder than you'd think.

Question of the Update: Did anyone, like...notice that Dae has pretty much never cracked a smile before? Like was that a noticeable character attribute or what?

Song of the Week: "We Are One Tonight" - Switchfoot. It's not necessarily that it's super relevant, but I wrote this scene to this song like a bajillion years ago, so it only seemed right.

And You Say...

Morgan (Guest) says,

I NOTICED i've been reading this for YEARS and have commented like. once maybe? yearsss ago but have been sitting here watching and waiting and he SMILED and boy do i got a thing for when traumatized characters finally break a smile to someone. 10/10 god bless

Alterna (Guest) says,


SoulRaider116 says,

I noticed, yeah. That smile is a guest of wind in my ships sails!

KingKomodo (Guest) says,

Yes I've noticed. I think the closest is when they found the horse. Unless you count one of Arturo's who I thin has

Tako (Guest) says,


Comments, anyone?